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Persson’s handles increase sales because consumers choose products that are easy to grab and convenient to carry home.


Persson’s handles can increase sales quickly because they influence consumers at the point of purchase. When consumers see the handle on your package, they know that the package is easy to put into the shopping cart, into the car and then to carry into their home. We are all tired of fumbling with impossible to carry boxes and packages without anything to grab on to. 

Persson’s handles increase sales and market share while building brands. Handles are not just a practical convenience but more and more consumers expect leading brands to provide them with handles on heavy and bulky packages. A handle can be enough to make a consumer switch a brand. A handle can lead to instant increases in sales and market share.

The first brand in each market putting handles on their heavy and bulky packages gains advantages that can increase sales for years to come. Handles on heavy and bulky packages are not completely new. Leading brands have provided consumers with this convenience for many years now. The sooner you apply a handle to your package, the quicker you take advantage of all the opportunities handles give your brand.


Persson’s plastic strap handles and reinforced paper strap handles are strong, have a contemporary look and can be customized to your needs and expectations.

Persson’s plastic strap handles and reinforced paper strap handles can be made in a variety of materials, made in any color and printed with your logotype or marketing message. Read more.