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Plastic and Reinforced Paper Handles

Persson’s plastic and reinforced paper handles cost only a few cents, hold up to 60 pounds (30 kg) and are attached automatically.


Persson Innovation’s plastic and reinforced paper handles are our most popular product due to low price, strength and ability to customize. These handles can be made in any color and customized for your brand building strategies with print of your logotype or any sales message. You not only get a handle but a handle that is an integrated part of your package, product and brand. The convenience and professional look create lasting customer relations that help build your brand for the future.


Persson’s plastic and reinforced paper handles can be used for a wide variety of heavy and bulky products such as electronics, household products, food, soft drinks, wine, beer, fertilizer, motor oil, pet care and much more. The plastic and reinforced paper handle design offers the ultimate strength because it utilizes both the strength of the handle material and the package material.


Fully automatic applicator

We can provide a fully automatic Persson Innovation Handle Applicator that will integrate into your production line. The Handle Applicator will be synchronized with your existing folder/gluer without slowing down the production. No extra manufacturing processes are needed. You will be up and running quickly as the installation of the Handle Applicator requires very little time. We will also provide your staff with complete training. Contact us for more information.